Classic Slots And Progressive Slots

In typical slots games, betting the maximum allowable amount is not always necessary, although it can in most cases result in a good reward. For instance, classic slot games may pay 1,000 for one coin, 2,000 for two coins and 5,000 for a maximum bet of three coins. So you see, even adding just one coin can win you an additional 3,000.

Progressive slot games on the other hand DO require a max bet for you to win the top prize. Betting less than the maximum amount will simply not get you the jackpot. The bottom line then is you really should place the max bet when you play progressive slots. Otherwise, you may get the highest winning combination but still not walk away with any money for your win.

If your interested in playing progressive slots you might want to check out the Dark Knight which features 4 different progressives. What is real cool about this slot machine is that it gives random bonuses, where reels are turned wild to increase your wins. Plus the free spins feature has multiplier which can be increased during your play up to 5x your bet. So overall you can win some decent credits just in the normal slots play. It is one of the best progressives I have found that does payout without having to hit a jackpot.