CashSplash Progressive Video Slot

The RiverBelle Casino has long been known as the purveyor of some of the finest and most well loved casino and video slots games around. Now RiverBelle is poised to make history once again with the release of a video slots game that is sure to be a hit with slots enthusiasts everywhere. Called the CashSplash Progressive Video Slot, it is a 5 reel, 1 coin progressive video slots game that offers 15 paylines and a wild and scatter symbol.
Coming hot on the heels of the hugely successful CashSplash Reel Slot game, this new release is an innovative new sequel that is as groundbreaking and definitely a worthy successor to its predecessor.
One of the best things about CashSplash Progressive Video Slot is that given its progressive format, players will have the opportunity to choose which of the games to play that will give them the advantage that they need to win the progressive jackpot. This can result in some amazing win values that, combined with the 2nd highest payout of 6000 coins, plus the stunningly vibrant graphics and crystal clear digital sound, makes CashSplash Progressive Video Slot a worthy contender to the current crop of video slots offerings.

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