Progressive Slots

Win a Slots Jackpot Playing Online

Players all over the world have been winning high progressive slots jackpots playing Microgaming progressive slots. Some players have become millionaires in a matter of minutes. When you play a progressive slot machine at the casinos listed below and you hit the jackpot a window pops up and says congratulations you have won the jackpot. Your win is instantly credited to your casino account and you will be able to withdraw immediately. Quite often you will receive a phone call from the online casino as they will want to congratulate you on the nice win you have just hit. The casinos are just as excited as you are to have a winner at their site. They may even want to take a picture of you for promotional advertisement depending on the amount of the jackpot. As the online casino is just as excited as you are.

progressive game

Within the past years the casino software provider has added new progressive versions of mega moolah, plus other jackpot games for players to have a better variety of machines to play with high payouts. An example “shown above” is just one of the recent versions and it is actually fun to play with better action and higher bet limits.

The way to jackpots work, is there is a number of online casinos which all offer the same game. All player who are playing the progressive slots are in the same pool of machines remotely. So if you playing at casino A, the jackpot might be hit at casino B. A percentage of every play on the progressive slots makes the jackpot. So a big win on a progressive jackpot does not effect the casino which you are playing at. They do not take a loss. Which is very exciting to the online casino to have a jackpot winner in there casino. The highest ever recorded online jackpot was over 8 million pounds which was won by a young UK man.