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Due to the given state of popularity over the casino slots, it would seem that they have always been the darlings of the casino industry. Such is not the case however, and casino slot machines were in fact received less than favorably when they first appeared on the gambling scene. The general public saw casino slot machines as little more than casual playthings and didn’t consider them devices for serious gambling. Reception to them was therefore decidedly lukewarm when American inventor Charles Fey brought them out into the market in the late 19th century. It would take a few more years before casino slot machines began to take off, when several of them were bought and installed in Bugsy Siegel’s famous Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The casino slot machines were a big hit with the casino’s early customers, and its subsequent growth was phenomenal, first spreading out to other casinos in the country and then to many other casinos all over the world. Today, casino slot machines are a veritable hit, and practically every casino in the world that you walk into will have many of these on the floors, and even devote the majority of their space to them. You will see these machines populated by scores of people pulling levers or pressing buttons feverishly hoping for the chance to win the huge jackpots offered.

For many people, the primary attraction of casino slot machines is that no skill whatsoever is involved in playing them. Even people with zero gaming or gambling skills–or any casino experience for that matter–can quickly get up to speed with even the most complicated casino slot machines. A simple push of the button or pull of the lever is enough to get the wheels spinning, and the player then only has to sit back and hope for the winning combination to show up. This makes them a great choice for anyone who is looking to get into the fascinating world of gambling. And with the wide variety of coins denominations accepted by modern casino slot machines–which can include $0.25, $1 and $5 coin denominations with up to three-coin bets for each spin–anyone regardless of size of bankroll can play the game to their satisfaction.

Today’s casino slot machines can generally be grouped into two broad categories. These are flat top or straight casino slot and the progressive casino slot machines. On the outside, these two types of casino slot machines look essentially the same–and they really are played in practically the same way–but an important distinction lies in the way that the cash prizes are collected and paid out. Flat top slot machines generally pay off the lucky winner a certain predetermined amount of money, while progressive casino slot machines have a jackpot that keeps getting bigger the more players deposit money into them.

How does this work? Progressive slot machines are actually several machines that are connected together in a vast network of similar machines, with each separate slot machine in the system contributing a certain percentage of the money deposited into them into the collective jackpot pool. With each deposit that a player makes into each casino slot machine, the jackpot gets larger and larger until it reaches staggering amounts. Every machine in the network offers a potential chance of winning, so if a player happens to luck out, he or she will win this jackpot. And with the many different casino slot machines connected in the network, the potential for a truly considerable cash prize is significant. This chance to win big is why progressive slot machines are some of the most popular ones around.

Within the progressive slot machines category lies two other divisions, with one side having a certain number of casino slot machines located in a single casino, and the other group having several different machines joined together in a vast network of machines that may be located in different casinos across the country and even around the world. Some of the biggest progressive slot machine networks around today can be comprised of many thousands of slot machines located throughout the country and in other countries around the world. Of course the bigger the network is the bigger the potential jackpot is also.

Those categories outlined above are fairly broad groupings for casino slot machines and within those are many other permutations and variations that can be almost exactly similar to each other or may be radically different. This results in a whole slew of different features and enhancements that really make the entire casino slot machines scene rich with possibilities. There is simply no way that you can try out all the variations in a single casino in the space of a few days of playing, so even if you keep coming back to the same casino over and over again to play the casino slot machines, you will likely never run out of gaming options. Quantity is not always a good thing of course, but in the case of options for casino slot machines, it certainly is! Among the many different features and enhancements that you can expect are different coin denominations, varying numbers of reels, a slew of coin number options, the choice of single or multiple pay lines, and many more that make the online gambling experience that much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Generally speaking, it is the quarter and dollar casino slot machines that enjoy the lion’s share of popularity among casino goers today. Almost any casino that you can play in today will probably feature several of these types of slot machines, and most of them will probably be packed with players waiting for their chance to spin the reels. Nickel machines are still quite common, although their popularity seems to be dwindling, particularly in the bigger casinos. And if the ultimate in high roller action is what you are interested in, there are also casino slot machines available that offer bigger rewards and jackpots.

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