Gypsy Queen Video Slot

The Mystical Gypsy Queen Video Slot

Online video slots games are a dime a dozen nowadays and a quick search of the search engines will unearth several dozens of them? so many in fact, that after awhile they all tend to look a lot like each other, and you begin to wonder if that is all there is to it. The latest video slots game released by the Microgaming company however, promises to be something different. Called the Gypsy Queen, this new video slots game offers players a fresh new take on the familiar slots paradigm.

Gypsy Queen is a 5-reel video slots game that comes with an amazing 20 pay-lines, a 2nd screen bonus game and several non-recurring free spins. So far so good, but what really sets Gypsy Queen apart from the sea of similar looking slots games is the alluring gypsy theme. The game is heavily steeped in the mystical symbolism of the nomadic gypsies of Europe who have roamed the world for hundreds of years. As you can imagine, the game is packed full of signs and symbols that hearken back to the earliest days of this fascinating people. Dark haired and dusky female fortune-tellers with piercing eyes that can see straight through your soul, gypsy violinists that weave a captivating spell through their music, tarot cards, black cats, daggers, crystals balls, tambourines-all well-known accoutrements of the gypsy tribes-all are seen here in abundance, making for a heady brew that is simply spellbinding.

The quality of the graphics is absolutely stunning and the colorful and mysterious touch that they add to the game play makes this one of the most distinctive slots game around.

Your guide to the game is the alluring Gypsy Queen named Rose, who with her mastery of the Tarot cards, the crystal ball, magic candles and palm reading guides you through strange and unfamiliar, yet exciting new paths of discovery. You will want to watch out for the black cat in the Queen's caravan though!

Fortune comes your way through the many Bonus awards, Free Spins and Scatters located throughout the game. The key to winning these opportunities lies mostly in the mysterious depths of the crystal ball, which can unlock the secrets of the mystery bonus for those lucky enough to be in its favor. The mystery bonus can result in 12 to 30 Free Spins or bonuses. The Scatter can also bring you luck in the form of payouts of up to 100 times the value of the mystery bonus prizes!

Wagers range from as low as 0.01 all the way to 200.00, which is the maximum bet. Players have the chance to win 20 000.00 on the base game alone, while 60 000.00 is possible on the Free Spin rewards and as much as 30 000.00 on the second screen bonus!

Gypsy Queen is designed for players from all over the world of all levels of playing experience. So if you are feeling lucky, give this fascinating new microgaming slots game a spin! Who knows? The fates may just be on your side!